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Celebrating 200 Founded in 1818, the Town of Amherst will celebrate its Bicentennial in 2018 with a year- long calendar of events and festivities.  Whether you are a past resident, current resident, or just a friendly neighbor, everyone is encouraged to join in the fun by attending events, buying souvenirs and submitting pictures and stories for our blog, Amherst200. We will be putting a “Bicentennial twist” on your favorite annual activities as well as adding special events throughout the year.  Be sure to mark your calendars for our “Summer Walking Tour” series held on the first Saturday of the month from May – August and The Bicentennial Gala to be held at the UB Center for the Arts on  September 8th.  It’s going to be quite a year…don’t let it pass you by!

Commorative Bee


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